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New cross-stitch by Jynxie

Published April 24, 2014 by You Know Who

Jynxie’s been cranking out lots of cross-stitch lately! She’s also been branching out into embroidering other media, like this Nyan Cat iPhone case:




And if you weren’t at Miami Hurricon last weekend, you missed out on this Sailor Moon piece:


Check out the Witch’s Brew Artfire; we’ll be posting some of Jynxie’s work for sale soon! And you can see more of her work in our cross-stitch photo album.


Wizard scarves!

Published July 23, 2012 by You Know Who

Jynxie crochets these scarves by hand; we carry a variety of colors in the shop, and with sufficient notice she’s happy to make scarves in custom colors. The scarves cost $10 each for standard scarves. (Prices may vary if you want one that’s longer, different patterns, etc.) They’re great for cosplay!

Check out our photo album for more photos of our wizard scarves.