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New cross-stitch by Jynxie

Published April 24, 2014 by You Know Who

Jynxie’s been cranking out lots of cross-stitch lately! She’s also been branching out into embroidering other media, like this Nyan Cat iPhone case:




And if you weren’t at Miami Hurricon last weekend, you missed out on this Sailor Moon piece:


Check out the Witch’s Brew Artfire; we’ll be posting some of Jynxie’s work for sale soon! And you can see more of her work in our cross-stitch photo album.


Del Taco Garage Sale

Published January 7, 2014 by You Know Who

Blast from the past! We’re working on uploading our old event photos to our album, and came across these from a 2011 event. It was a community garage sale at the Del Taco near UCF in Orlando.

Lots of local vendors set up in the parking lot, and of course the Witch’s Brew was there with rainbows and vintage toys.

When things got slow, we set up a game of Chrononauts with some of our fellow vendors.

Check out photos from our other events in our photo album!

Fox’s Pac-Man collection

Published December 12, 2013 by You Know Who

Fox’s recent creations include a series of accessories based on Pac-Man and his ghostly foes Pinky, Inky, and Blinky.

First up are these hair barrettes, featuring Pac-Man and those three ghosts.

Pac-Man barrette

These barrettes are constructed from glittery foam with a felt backing on a metal barrette. They cost $6 each and are available on our Artfire shop or our eBay listings.

In addition to the barrettes, Fox created a series of pins.

Inky, Blinky, and Pinky pins

These pins feature the same layered glitter foam as the barrette, but with a metal pinback. They’re available on our eBay listings or on Arftire:
Pac-Man + Pinky pin
Pac-Man + Inky pin
Pac-Man + Blinky pin

Pac-Man + Inky pin

Our Artfire & eBay shops have been restocked!

Published December 3, 2013 by You Know Who

Hey everyone – – we now have an even bigger selection of geeky crafts for you to buy on Artfire and ebay now! Tons of pieces inspired by classic video games and more. Here is a small sample of our new work for sale:

red_super_mushroom_hemp_necklace_-_nintendo_super_mario_9987defa 1-up_green_mushroom_barrette_-_hair_clips_super_mario_nintendo_88a02b6f six-sided_purple_dice_hemp_bracelet_-_macrame_gaming_d6_e7fab514 navi_the_fairy_pin_-_geek_craft_zelda_fanart_nintendo_gaming_1d10f4e1

So head on over to the Witch’s Brew Artfire shop or the Witch’s Brew eBay listings and shop now!

Traditional Artwork

Published August 13, 2013 by You Know Who

We’re not only crafters at the Witch’s Brew – – we also create traditional 2D artwork, generally in ink & paint. You can see some examples of our work below, and more in our traditional art gallery.

Most of these are 2″ x 4″ sketch cards, which sell for $2 each, or 7″ x 10″ art on comic book boards, which sell for $10 each. If you’re interested in a commission, contact us!

Art by Ada

Collaborations by Fox & Ada
Line art by Fox. Colors by Ada.

Hemp Jewelry

Published August 10, 2013 by You Know Who

Ada creates hemp bracelets and pendants by macrame. Some of them are gaming-themed (like the dice bracelet above, or her Mario mushroom necklaces), some are made based on team colors, while others are made featuring natural materials like seashells. See some examples below, and there are even more in our hemp jewelry photo gallery.

Potion Bottles

Published August 8, 2013 by You Know Who

These fairy bottles are tiny charms on necklaces, representing different potions or other magical substances. (Don’t worry, no fairies or any other creatures were harmed in their creation!) Great for LARPing or other magical costume accessorizing – – or use them as a base for your own spells & charms!

They are $5 each. Here are a few examples, and you can see more in our potion bottle photo gallery.